Sunday, February 11, 2007


Many have wondered, "why is Mat Ranillo III, a notable award-winning actor running for Congressman in Zamboanga del Norte?"

Just like acting, politics has been in his bloodline. His Grand father, Mat Ranillo Sr. was the long-time governor of the province and was responsible for separating Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur. His mother, Gloria Sevilla ran for public office in Cebu City. His father, the late Mat Ranillo Jr. died in a plane crash during the campaign period. He was running for Congress as well.

Having grown up in Dipolog city, he is familiar with the needs of the people. He is one with them in their fight to uplift their depressing situation. Moreover, even before he decided to run for office, he was able to provide the province with 2 school buildings, water systems for 12 barangays, agricultural inputs for farmers, computers, medicines, books, educational packages and other things that the people needed.

More importantly, the people have personally asked him to run. "It is overwhelming when people come up to you, crying because they are in dire need of your help. Even 20 pesos is a big deal to them. My heart goes out to the people. They see me as "Kristo" because of my image and it is a big responsibility because people expect me to be the miracle in their lives." -Mat Ranillo


Anonymous said...

You'r not going to win okay, simple analization' almost all of the filipino people hate your daughter because of waht she did to jinkee making kabitbakit to manny haha, that sweet looking face is a whore, then of course the sympathy of the people will go after her (jinkee) hehe asa ka pa so people will not vote the father of krista, your just wasting manny's money in your campaign. Put it in the bank or invest in bussiness na lang.
Nga pala, don't let your daughter be pregnant to manny ha..would you like to have an apo that looks like kargador..haha

Anonymous said...

the father of sad..