Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Platform of Government

Mission-Vision Statement:

"I am running for Congressman in the 2nd district to lead a movement for change. I believe that leadership should be more participative than directive, more enabling than performing. All communities in the 2nd district of Zamboanga del Norte are provided with appropriate and adequate programs for Social Welfare, Education, Health care and Livelihood Programs."

  • The pursuit of a legislative agenda towards a populace that is socially-accepted, healthy, educated and has the capabilities to meet their basic needs.
  • The provision of more school buildings and other facilities and learning materials for the Elementary and Secondary schools.
  • The provision of more employable skills by strengthening the Formal and Non-Formal community-based Vocational and Technical Education Skills Development Capability to meet the demands of Industry and Agriculture in the second district of the province.
  • The development of community-based Health Organizations capable of providing Community Health Management Systems and affordable medicines.
  • The provision of appropriate Post-Harvest and Processing Facilities for Agriculture and Fisheries such as the Integrated Coconut Oil Mill and the "Blast Freezing" and "Contact Freezing" Cold Storages respectively.
  • The development of low investment but high impact community-based Ecological, Cultural and Historical Tourism that will attract more local and foreign tourists and create more local entrepreneurs and employment opportunities.
  • The creation of innovative programs such as micro-finance and enterprise clustering which will give birth to a corps of entrepreneurs in the 2nd district.
  • The provision of infrastructure development projects such as roads, bridges, public facilities and public markets, expansion of airport and ports, hospitals, irrigation and water systems and electricity projects.
  • The strengthening of agricultural programs by way of: providing various farming technologies and access to technological livelihood training, promoting the government's rice and corn programs, providing veterinary services to cattle, swine and poultry raisers and promoting integrated farming system.

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