Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mat Ranillo III-Picture


Alvin said...
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Alvin said...

To a Distiguished Gentleman I know as an Uncle, Mentor and a Friend. You've always been Good to people no Matter Where You Go! Your one of God's Savior and A Role Model in this World! I wish you all the Best of Luck in your upcmoning elections My prayers are with you Always! And Many more to Come Go Tito I support you all the Way! Show them what You're Made of Our People Believes in You! God Bless!

Alvin CT Benedetto

Anonymous said...

may 1, 2007

i vote for matt ranillo for congressman in my hometown dipolognon.... his heart is for people to serve the town of dipolog and dapitan,,, if he won this election dipolog city will be proud for having matranillo not only a phillipine actor and also dipologs servant as a congressman.... i vote for matt ranillo for gongressman on may 2007 election .... maya parama kingston in california USA home town my beloved biasong dipolog city phils.... thank you